1706 W. Hwy 101 Port Angeles, WA 98363
(360) 452-5388
WA Contractor's License # BRUCHBC170CM


- Bruch and Bruch’s crew will perform the work professionally and with the intent of providing a finished project that Bruch and Bruch and the owner can be proud to have been associated with.

- All of our staff here at this office that has communicated with Bruch and Bruch staff over the years consistently found them very personable, professional, and efficient.

- Bruch and Bruch shows by action that the safety of their crew and all associated with the project is an important aspect of their organization.

Jeff Young, Washington State Department of Transportation

RE: Bruch & Bruch Project Performance

I have been employed by Clallam County for nearly 25 years. During that period of time, Clallam County has awarded many construction projects to Bruch & Bruch, Inc. Their field operational procedures are excellent. They seek opportunities for cost savings and are willing to bring them to the table for consideration by both the County and Bruch & Bruch.

When Clallam County is fortunate enough to award a contract to Bruch & Bruch, Inc., whether it is a County funded project, or whether it is a project that is federally funded, we are confident that the end result will be a correctly executed project, received on time, on budget, and with all the appropriate documentation in a timely manner.


Ross Tyler, P.E.
County Engineer
Clallam County Public Works Department

Projects which have received awards:

Federal Highway Administration: Camp Grisdale Road- Best Large Project Customer Satisfaction 2010.

Federal Highway Administration: Sol Duc Repairs & Sol Duc Valley Road. Best Small Projects for 2006 & Best Project voted by the FHWA Construction Employees.

Washington State Department of Transportation: SR 112 Jim Creek Culvert Replacement. 2005 Partnership for Excellence in Contract Administration (Western Washington projects Less than $2,000,000).

Washington State Department of Transportation: SR101 Nolan Creek Vic Bridge and Realignment. Nominated for Partnership for Excellence in Contract Administration.

Washington State Department of Trasnportation: SR 101 MP 321 & MP 322 Vic Slides. Nomintated for Partnership for Excellence in Contract Administration.

Clallam County Public Works: Old Olympic Highway, Gasman Road to Lewis Road (Sieberts Creek Bridge Replacement). 1999 Wsdot’s best County project award for excellence.